Serial Car Theft Suspect Awaiting Sentencing Released on Own Recognizance

Serial Car Theft Suspect Awaiting Sentencing Released on Own Recognizance

43-year-old Martin Robert Bracamonte was arrested for felony vehicle theft with a prior under penal codes 10851(a)/666.5. Bracamonte is accused of stealing a 1997 Honda Accord.

On Friday, September 4 during his arrest, police found in his possession a concealed knife, considered a felony under PC 21310. A third count under Heath and Safety Code 11364 was charged against Bracamonte for being in the possession of illegal drug paraphernalia used for the unlawful smoking of a controlled substance.

Charges are pending for “special allegations” under codes PC 667.5(b)/1170(h). Bracamonte was released on Thursday, September 10 under his own recognizance with the knowledge of further continuance, and attended a pre-trial hearing scheduled on September 28.

His arrest occurred when a patrolling Santa Clara deputy sheriff was driving near the area of Campbell and Saratoga Avenues in San Jose. Pulling into the Chevron Gas Station, the officer noticed a green colored Honda 4 door. The license plate reader located inside the vehicle alerted the deputy of a “Stolen Vehicle”. During this time Bracamonte was inside the Chevron waiting in line to purchase gas and other items. Bracamonte was then confronted by the deputy, who asked him where he had gotten the car. Bracamonte said that he had borrowed it from a friend.

During the search of his person and vehicle, the knife was found in his back pocket, and a glass pipe often used to do drugs, such as methamphetamine, was located in the front passenger floor board.

During an interview with Bracamonte about the stolen vehicle he stated, “Oh, don’t tell me this all bad.” When asked who gave him the car he said that he had gotten the car from an acquaintance.

During the discussion Bracamonte admitted, “In that type of environment, people do that a lot because there’s drugs involved and stuff.” That is when Bracamonte admitted to smoking meth and that the pipe was his. Bracamonte was subsequently booked on the above charges into the Santa Clara County Jail without incident.

Bracamonte’s history, according to records going back to 2006, show an arrest in January of that year for possession of a dangerous weapon. That was followed in April with a charge of possessing a narcotic controlled substance. Then in November he was arrested for possession of stolen property. In March of 2007 he was charged with possession of a controlled substance and paraphernalia, and being under the influence. He faced another stolen property charge in September of that year.

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