The Quarter-Million Dollar Drinking Spree

The Quarter-Million Dollar Drinking Spree

INGLEWOOD —What is the most a person might spend in a single night of drinking?

David Tavarez, 21, may have tried to answer that seemingly odd question when he was arrested by Inglewood Police Department (IPD) officers on Monday, September 22 shortly after midnight. The Inglewood resident from the 1200 block of Welton Way was arrested apparently just half a block from his residence on the same street.

The 5’5”, 140-lb. man was ultimately yoked with more than a quarter-million dollars worth of bail for a number of alcohol-related violations.

There were six charges in all: DUI alcohol/drugs causing bodily harm (23153(A)VC), DUI .08 alcohol causing bodily injury (23153(B)VC), hit and run resulting in injury/property damage (20001(A)VC), DUI alcohol/drugs (23152(A)VC), DUI alcohol/0.08 percent (23152(B)VC) and hit and run: property damage (20002(A)VC).

Respective to the above-listed charges, bail amounts were set at $100,000 for the first two, $50,000 for the third and $5,000 each for the last three.

For that price, one could have chartered a private luxury jet with all the amenities and still had some change left over as well as gone home to bed instead of a holding cell.

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