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Five Arrested in $3.2Million Sober Living Home Scam

Steven Lomonaco, 61, Mahyar “Christian” Mohases, 37, Robert Williams, 41, Nicholas Reeves, 42, and James Frageau, 29, are alleged to be involved in a scheme which took advantage of people

San Diego

$1.1 Million Insurance Fraud Scheme Revealed

Shawn Heffernan SAN DIEGO — 42-year-old insurance agent Shawn Heffernan sold legitimate annuity policies to several seniors, and then convinced them to give them up to purchase new ones. By


‘Equity Assurance Scheme’ Thwarted

LAGUNA HILLS — Once again someone came up with what they undoubtedly thought at first was a fool-proof scheme to steal money from customers and clients. 62-year-old Lyle Edward Pearson

San Diego

Woman Sentenced to 9 Years for Embezzling $5.7M

VISTA – After the controller siphoned millions of dollars from a San Marcos screen printing company for almost a decade, she was sentenced to nine years in prison. Proformance Apparel