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Attorneys For Woodland Woman Accused of Murder Seek Police Personnel Files

Lawyers for Susan Hoskins, accused of shooting to death her husband Bryan Hoskins last August, are seeking unspecified evidence of police misconduct in the case. At a brief conference in


Woodland Woman To Stand Trial For Killing Husband In Domestic Violence Dispute

After Susan Hoskins called 911 to report she had just shot her husband, Bryan Hoskins, the dispatcher asked why she had shot him. Susan Hoskins replied matter-of-factly, ““Because he’s an


Woman Charged in Woodland Husband Killing Case Finally Arraigned

Almost three weeks after she allegedly shot her husband to death, the woman charged with the crime finally pleaded not guilty on August 21 in Yolo Superior Court. Susan Kathleen


Arraignment Delayed Third Time For Wife Who Allegedly Killed Husband

The Woodland resident who is alleged to have shot her husband to death has not qualified for the public defender’s legal services. At a hearing on August 12 in Yolo


Domestic Violence May Have Escalated Into Wife’s Alleged Murder of Husband

The wife of a longtime Yolo County probation official was arrested August 3 on charges of felony murder related to domestic violence, after allegedly killing him at her home. Susan


Woman Shoots Husband, Turns Herself In

A Woodland resident reportedly shot her husband and then called 911 to report it, according to an official press release from the Woodland Police Department. Susan Hoskins, 59, of Woodland,