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BART Police Arrest an Armed Fugitive Confronted for Fare Evasion

Photo: Image of drug and weapon evidence | Bart PD OAKLAND — A man confronted for fare evasion in the Bay Area Rapid Transit system was arrested for being an

Contra Costa

Victim Finds Her Own Stolen Car, Police Arrest 2 Suspects

Photo: Image of Weapons and Burglary Tools | Brentwood PD BRENTWOOD —Police arrested two suspects after a woman found her stolen car earlier this month. Officers responded to the 8800


Suspect Arrested for Fentanyl Possession at Cove Shopping Center

Photo: Stock Image TIBURON — A man with multiple prior arrests has been arrested for possession of controlled substances and released from custody again. This time 29-year-old Artem N. Hanawalt

Santa Barbara

Two Burglary Arrests In UCSB Neighborhood

Photo: Stock Image In the early morning hours of November 1st , Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department deputies responded to the report of a burglary in progress. Upon arrival at


Home Depot Employee Arrested for $1.2 Million Embezzlement

Photo: Stock Image SAN RAFAEL — A Home Depot employee in the accounting/finance department was placed under arrest on suspicion of embezzling $1.2 million. The suspect was arrested at work.


Couple Nodding Out Inside a Stolen Car Is Arrested

BERKELEY — An armed couple nodding out inside a stolen sports car was arrested near the Oakland border. Berkeley officers also confiscated a loaded assault rifle and burglary tools. Patrol

Santa Barbara

Car Chase Racing “To See Mom” Ends with Arrest

Photo: Stock Image While U.S. 101 may provide some of the nation’s most scenic travel, it’s frequently the route used by criminals in their poorly-conceived efforts to escape cops who


“Dump” Trailer Thief Tracked Down & Busted

Photo: Stock Image In what appears to be the second in a growing trend of non-motorized vehicle-related crimes in the community, Ventura County Sheriff’s Department uniformed patrol deputies attached to


Trailer Thief Arrested

 Photo: Stock Image One was planning to steal something and then post it for sale on various social media platforms, one might want to consider targeting a fairly generic, difficult-to-trace

Santa Barbara

Tech Helps Nab Serial Bike Thief

Photo: Stock Image One of the most personally aggravating consequences of compliance with the precepts of “going green”—riding a bicycle instead of driving a piston-powered, gas-guzzling, fume-spewing motor vehicle for