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San Diego

ReCom’s Air, Land, and Sea Collaboration Squelches Smuggling Attempt at the Border

SAN DIEGO – A three-way collaboration on the land, the sea, and in the air brought the Regional Coordinating Mechanism (ReCoM) the results needed to prevent an attempted maritime smuggling


Tractor trailer driver tries to smuggle 26 illegals across the border

SALTON CITY – On the evening of February 12, a man was arrested at the checkpoint at Highway 86, attempting to smuggle 26 illegal immigrants into the U.S. The tractor


Drugs confiscated before they got to the jail

Photo: confiscated drugs Here is a brief about a drug seizure from the Amador County Sheriff’s Office – “Our corrections officers did a great job and seized these drugs before

San Diego

Authorities discover 2,400 pounds of marijuana smuggled in furniture

SAN DIEGO — A cargo facility in Tecate was the scene on December 10 of a seizure of 2,400 pounds of marijuana. The contraband was “comingled in a shipment of

San Diego

CBP confiscates marijuana found in shipments of jalapeño peppers

PHOTOS: U.S. Customs & Border Protection SAN DIEGO — U.S. Customs and Border Protection has announced the confiscation of a large amount of packaged marijuana hidden inside shipments of jalapeño

San Diego

Two big methamphetamine busts at the border in two days

Photo: confiscated meth from August 1 SAN DIEGO – U.S. Border Patrol recently agents made two big methamphetamine busts in two days. In the first incident on July 31st, agents


Border Patrol Canine Detection Team Discovers Meth-Smuggling Attempt

Photo: confiscated meth SALTON CITY – A brazen meth-smuggling attempt was thwarted at the border when a Border Patrol canine detection team alerted to a 2012 black Jeep Wrangler driven


Border Patrol Takes One Down – 99 Bundles of Meth in the Car

Photo: confiscated meth EL CENTRO SECTOR BORDER – Thanks to the acute sense of smell of the El Centro Sector Border Patrol’s canine detection team, a 23-year-old U.S. citizen was

San Diego

Drug, Illegal Alien Smuggling Stopped Near The Border

BORDER – JACUMBA, CA: Another day at the U.S./Mexico border, another smuggling arrest – of both drugs and humans. This time, a 41-year-old man was arrested after San Diego Sector


Meth-Smuggling Suspects Arrested at the Border

SALTON CITY – El Centro Border Patrol Agents encountered two female suspected methamphetamine-smugglers. At approximately 8:30 PM last Friday, a passenger bus approached agents working at the Highway 86 immigration