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Police K-9 Helps Nab Burglary Suspect in Roseville

A burglary suspect was quickly apprehended in Roseville, thanks in part to a police dog. According to Roseville Police, on Monday, August 3rd at about 10 p.m., several residents noticed


Neighbors Help Officers Arrest Attempted Burglary Suspect in East Roseville

Some concerned citizens in the East Roseville area came to the aid of their neighbor, helping lead to the apprehension of an attempted burglary suspect, according to an official weekly

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Roseville PD Makes Arrests in Recent Theft Cases

The Roseville Police Department arrested a total of six individuals in two recent robbery cases, according to an official weekly report. On Saturday, July 12 at about 3 pm, a


Recent Roseville PD Arrests Include Trespassing, Assault & Battery

The Roseville Police Department recently made arrests in two separate cases, one that included a suspect assaulting a taxi driver and the other for a man trespassing in a garage,