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K9 Johnny Gets His ATV Man

Photo: Michael Richard Willey HAYFORK – On Wednesday morning two TCSD deputies attempted to make a stop of an ATV they had spotted as it drove north on Highway 3.


Man Assaults Store Clerk and Police Officer

Photo: Alberto Molina Meleiso COLUSA – Last Friday the CPD received a call about a robbery at the Full Stop Market at 11 Market Street. Once they arrived, the store

Santa Barbara

Inmate Charged with Assault on Custody Officer

Photo: Thunderhawk Gutierrez Santa Barbara County – Even the most cursory reading of the best-selling yet imaginary guidebook “How to Behave While You’re in Jail” may have given 28-year-old Santa

Santa Barbara

Wrong Way Driver Flees, Assaults Sheriff’s K-9

Photo: Louis Lovallo Santa Barbara County – Those who doubt the effects of street drugs on human reasoning ability need look no further than the events leading to the February


2 Men on Probation Brought Back to Jail for Burglary, Drugs

Photo: Vanderrick Vickers, Jr. EMERYVILLE — Two men on supervised probation for previous burglary convictions were arrested again on February 25 shortly before 4 a.m. after they were seen casing

Santa Clara

12 members of SJ gang arrested for over 30 violent robberies, carjackings

Photo:( l-r top row) Alda Gutierrez, Anwar Mohammad, Diego Diaz, Ezekiel Brown, (l-r bottom row) Javis Anthony Jose Hernandez Pedroza and Rafael Quintero SAN JOSE –  San Jose Police Officer


Man Caught with Loaded Gun near San Rafael Transit Center

Photo: Berry’s confiscated gun SAN RAFAEL – A man caught carrying a concealed loaded gun was arrested on November 27—only one block away from the San Rafael Transit Center—the busiest


Man Arrested on Suspicion of Stealing a FedEx Delivery Truck

FREMONT– A man was arrested for allegedly stealing a delivery truck parked at the Fremont Hub shopping center last week—left unattended for a few minutes with the engine running. Police,


Traffic Stops Lead to Arrests for Guns Hidden under Driver’s Seats

Gun taken by BPD BERKELEY — Two men were jailed recently following routine traffic stops for vehicle code violations, when police discovered loaded firearms hidden under the driver’s seats. At

Santa Barbara

“Magnum” Force Nabs Car Thief

Jose Ramos Santa Barbara County – LoJack, the company offering a stolen vehicle recovery system that directly integrates with law enforcement agencies nationwide, boasts that when their customers’ cars are