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Man on Probation for Indecent Exposure Is Arrested Again for Indecent Exposure

Photo: Stock Image BERKELEY — A man on probation for an indecent exposure conviction has been arrested for allegedly doing it again. The suspect approached pedestrians downtown, made sexual comments,

Contra Costa

Repeat Offender Held in Custody in Lieu of $450,000 Bond

Photo: Stock Image BRENTWOOD — Justin W. Keller, a 29-year-old repeat offender from Brentwood, is back inside county jail again. Keller remains in custody at the West County Detention Facility


Woman with 8 Prior Convictions Is Arrested Again for Vehicle Theft

Photo: Stock Image SAN LEANDRO – A woman with eight prior convictions has been arrested again. Sandra R. Warner, 53, of Dublin, allegedly stole a pickup truck from a grocery


Released from Jail…and Right Back in for Resisting and Burglary

Photo: Stock Image In a town the size of Fillmore—with a population of just over 16,000 souls—living the life of a professional miscreant who routinely shows up on the local


Vagrant Arrested 56 Times is now Accused of Committing Arson

Photo: Stock Image MILL VALLEY—Ron A. Wilkins, a 62-year-old vagrant, has been arrested 56 times since 2016. Wilkins was most recently arrested by Mill Valley PD for arson. He allegedly