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Doctor Busted for Writing Fraudulent Prescriptions

Ventura County – The Moorpark Family Medical Clinic has been under the watchful eye of the Ventura County Pharmaceutical Crimes Unit (PCU) since mid-November 2019. According to Ventura County Sheriff’s


Yale Grad Rx Forger Foiled

Ventura County – As if the interdiction of illegal drugs wasn’t keeping law enforcement busy enough, since the middle of August Ventura County Sheriff’s Department Interagency Pharmaceutical Crimes Unit, comprised of


Modesto drug fraud ring busted

Doctors in general have a well known reputation for writing illegibly when filling out prescriptions, but ironically enough, that sloppy handwriting is one of the key measures to prevent prescription


Multiple Busts in Prescription Forgery Scheme

Ventura County – When a prescription pad was reported stolen from an Oxnard pharmacy in June 2014, and a pharmacist at the same location was presented with a forged prescription from