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Covelo chase, drug arrest is latest for woman and her husband

Monique Renee Peters – Mendocino County booking photo, and image from Facebook Friday the 13th was not the best day for a Covelo woman who, along with her husband, has


July 4 blaze caused by high thief

As America celebrates Independence Day, law enforcement and firefighters can be on high stress level when people’s desire to party includes the lighting of a lot of fireworks, both the


High speed chase in small town gets two arrested

COVELO, MENDOCINO COUNTY – It was Monday afternoon about 3 o’clock when the couple were driving through Covelo. the town they both live in. Covelo is a small town in


Joyriding in a minivan gets man arrested

FORT BRAGG – High speed chases usually look at least something like a Hollywood movie, with the suspect in a sports car tearing through the streets at a dangerous speed,


Young man who shouldn’t be driving runs for it

FORT BRAGG, MENDOCINO COUNTY – Sometimes a simple traffic stop goads a driver into making things much worse. When Richard Olstad was driving his silver Dodge Pickup truck through Fort


Ex-con hits the roundabout the wrong way

FORT BRAGG  – Christopher Brockway is a 25-year-old Fort Bragg resident who has had his share of troubles in the past with law enforcement. In 2012, while he was already