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Alameda Mendocino

Antioch trio arrested in Willits – All three have extensive histories

Caroline Kendzior, Claude Turman, and John Ruybal Jr., Mendocino County booking photos A woman and two men from Antioch, in the Bay Area’s Contra Costa County, were caught by Mendocino


Willits burglar found in probation check

Bobby Lee Sossaman – Mendocino County booking photo Bobby Lee Sossaman has been on the Mendocino County Sheriff and Willits Police Department’s radar for years. The 30-year-old from Willits was


Covelo burglar causes more damage than he steals

You might think that if someone plans a burglary that requires breaking a window to get into a store, the thief would know what the most valuable merchandise would be,


Covelo ex-cons arrested again

The small town of Covelo is located in the inland valley of Mendocino County, between the Coastal Ranges and Mendocino National Forest. With a population of around 1400 people, it consists


Self-proclaimed Tweaker arrested for burglary

MENDOCINO COUNTY – The Sheriff’s department was summoned to a home in rural south Covelo to investigate a burglary just over a month ago. Deputies responded to the home along Fairbanks


Oregon man’s unwanted beer run leads to a lot of trouble

MENDOCINO COUNTY – What was Andrew Wyatt Beyer doing in Laytonville? The 35-year-old man is from Applegate Oregon, a small town in the southern part of the state nestled in


Cooley is at it again in Fort Bragg

It was late Tuesday night, about 11:30 pm when a Mendocino County Sheriff’s Deputy was on patrol through the Fort Bragg area. The deputy was driving along the Shoreline Highway


Who let the dogs out? Joey did…

It was nearly 11 pm last Thursday, June 25, when someone noticed that the dogs from the Mendocino County Animal Shelter, in south Ukiah, were loose. Sheriff’s deputies were dispatched,

Mendocino Shasta

Redding couple caught, this time in Mendocino County

Donald Gordon Powell and Lawanda Jean Parks seem to have gotten together in Redding, though they both currently reside south of the city. Powell, 34, lives in Cottonwood, south of


Wanted man tries to tunnel to safety

There are hundreds of stories of wanted criminals trying to elude law enforcement by leading them on a high speed chase, running though homes or wilderness, or hiding in a