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Publicity about Catalytic Thefts Yields Additional Charges

Photo: Stock Image As if they didn’t already have enough legal problems facing them, on the morning of November 15th , two 35-year-old Los Angeles residents—already in custody at the

Contra Costa

Woman Arrested is Suspected of Participating in Organized Retail Theft

Photo: Stock Image EL SOBRANTE — A woman has been arrested and stolen merchandise recovered with an estimated retail value exceeding $190,000. California Highway Patrol conducted this law enforcement action


Delivery Man Busted for Grand Theft

Photo: Stock Image On the morning of August 29th , an investigation into the theft of a purse and of the personal identifying data of its owner came to a


A Man with a Criminal History is Arrested for Another Bank Robbery

Photo: Stock Image A man with a lengthy criminal history was placed under arrest shortly after allegedly robbing another bank. The suspect Alden L. Moore, 57, is being held in

Santa Barbara

Employee arrested for Computer Embezzlement

Photo: Stock Image As if having computer problems isn’t enough to create high levels of stress for anyone, the thought of leaving a computer for repair at a local business


Farm Equipment Thieves Nabbed

Photo: Stock Image The Moorpark Investigations Bureau recently concluded a comprehensive two-week investigation regarding the theft of landscape equipment from landscape workers within the city of Moorpark. The modus operandi