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Don’t buy or sell liquor to kids – get it?

The Folsom Police Department has been making the most of the grant money they received, along with twelve other cities in California, to make people finally understand that they should


Folsom businesses caught selling booze to kids

Folsom Police have been participating in a multi-year project to prove to people that providing alcohol to minors is a horrible idea, if not for the safety and well being


Two more stung in Folsom liquor operation

Webster’s defines altruism as “feelings and behavior that show a desire to help other people and a lack of selfishness”. One of the definitions of heroic is “exhibiting or marked


Alcohol sting nets two men

When a grown man encounters a teenage boy at a liquor store who asks if he can help buy him some booze, perhaps he thinks back to his own youth.


Four to face the music for selling booze to kids

FOLSOM – For some young people out for a party on the weekend and are too young to buy alcohol, the quest for someone “cool” to buy them something becomes