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Three Colorado men arrested for violating state’s coronavirus stay-at-home order

PHOTO (L to R): Pettit, Albert, and Thompson | Steamboat Springs PD By Lucia I. Suarez Sang, Fox News Three men in Colorado were nabbed for violating the state’s stay-at-home order in place to help


Florida inmate freed over COVID-19 fears killed man the next day, police say

Photo: Edward Williams Yahoo News tells the sad story of this Florida man who committed a murder after being released from jail in an effort to limit the chance of

California Covid-19

COVID-19: $0 cash bail for these offenses starts in California

Photo: Mike Testa of Visit Sacramento Here are two stories from KCRA3 in Sacramento about the coronavirus and its implications for community life – SACRAMENTO – A ruling that sets


Florida man released from jail because of coronavirus arrested on murder charges

Photo: Joseph Edward Williams In an obvious case of unintended consequences, ABC News reports on a man who, being released from jail because of the coronavirus fears, proceeded to murder


Car thief tests positive for Covid-19

Clay and Peach was the scene on the evening of April  10 of the discovery of a stolen car. The suspect driver ran away. However, an arriving K9 helped locate


Florida man arrested after allegedly coughing on cashier, saying coronavirus social distancing ‘getting out of hand”

Photo: Christopher Canfora FOX 35 released this COVID 19 related story out fo Florida – “A Florida man was arrested on assault charges Tuesday after allegedly intentionally coughing on a


Arrests of celebrity mechanic’s son underscore domestic worries in coronavirus lockdown

Photo: Jesse Eli James Across the country we read stories related to the COVID 19 issue. Here’s one from Texas, brought by statesman.com – “Austin police recently arrested a man


Coronavirus texts lead to Florida man’s murder arrest in wife’s disappearance

Photo: David Anthony Here is yet another story related to the Covid-19 drama, brought by Fox News – “Texts saying the coronavirus sickened a missing Florida woman led police to


50K Masks Seized in Fremont Warehouse Raid

Photo: scene from the story Yet another story related to the COVID 19 outbreak from NBC Bay Area  – “State investigators raided three different locations in Alameda County Tuesday, seizing


Man who claimed he had Coronavirus arrested on terrorism charges for coughing on shoppers in Walmart

Newsweek’s web page tells the story of a man in a Wal-Mart who deliberately coughed on shoppers, with the threat of spreading coronavirus – “A man who allegedly coughed on