50K Masks Seized in Fremont Warehouse Raid

50K Masks Seized in Fremont Warehouse Raid
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Yet another story related to the COVID 19 outbreak from NBC Bay Area  –

“State investigators raided three different locations in Alameda County Tuesday, seizing stockpiles of medical masks doctors and nurses desperately need during this coronavirus pandemic.

About 20 California Department of Justice agents walked in and out of a warehouse just off Warm Spring Boulevard in Fremont seizing N95 masks that a man now under investigation, claims he was selling to nonprofits.

“They took my computers, cell phone, everything,” said the man, who chose to remain anonymous.

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He said he started selling masks about a month ago, claiming to have a business license from Wyoming and a seller’s permit from California.

He said agents confiscated 50,000 masks, including 1,000 N95s.

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“I bought the mask for $3.60 each mask, and sold them for $2.50,” he said. “For some, I make profits for others I lose money.”

He claims he bought the masks on eBay before mask sellers were shut down.

The Attorney General’s office confirmed they executed search warrants at three locations in Alameda County seizing N95 respirators, surgical masks and other items, but didn’t offer other details.

“No price gouging, I have all the records,” the man said. “Like the price from my suppliers and the price of the sales.”

He said he wasn’t issued a fine or citation yet and he doesn’t know if he faces any charges.”


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