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Los Angeles

Delivery-Person Dropped Suspicious Package At PD’s Door

PASADENA — Police personnel noticed a suspicious package left at the north entrance door of the police department on August 8th at approximately 1:20 PM. Unable to locate the owner,


Suspicious Item Causes Bomb Scare in Cabazon

Desert Hills Premium Outlets CABZON – An unattended brief case left in a parking structure at Desert Hill Premium Outlets caused an evacuation as authorities investigated the suspicious item. On


UC Davis Chemist Who Blew Up His Apartment Pleads No Contest To 17 Felonies

Described by his lawyer as “a tinkerer,” a former UC Davis affiliated chemist who blew up volatile explosives in his on-campus apartment, triggering a mass evacuation of the north campus


Explosives Expert’s Accomplice May Be Charged In UC Davis Blast

WOODLAND — Residents of Russell Park Apartments on the UC Davis campus got a rude early morning awakening back on Jan. 17. After an explosion ripped through the apartment of


Disney Employee Blamed for Toontown Explosion

ANAHEIM, CA — A 22-year-old Disneyland employee was behind bars Wednesday on suspicion of dropping a dry-ice bomb into a theme park trash can, forcing the evacuation of Mickey’s Toontown

Contra Costa

Pipe bomb maker injures himelf

ANTIOCH – Police arrested 53-year-old Frank Trout of Antioch for possessing and manufacturing explosive devices after he showed up at the hospital with burns to his face and hands. On

San Bernardino

Homemade Bombs Have Yucaipa Investigators Searching and Seeking

YUCAIPA – Sheriff’s deputies are seeking a person who is making homemade bombs, and sent a bomb and arson detail to begin looking into the latest incident on Wednesday. A