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Man Arrested at Boyd Memorial Park Accused of Attempted Sexual Assault

Photo: Stock Image Written By: Jim Emerson SAN RAFAEL — A woman hiking at Boyd Memorial Park managed to escape an attempted sexual assault on August 18. The man suspected


Man Arrested for Attempting to Kidnap and Sexually Assault 15-Year-Old Girl in Santa Ana

Photo: Kevin Steven Brito Police have apprehended a suspect wanted for attempting to kidnap and sexually assault a 15-year-old girl in Santa Ana. The attack occurred in the 800 block


$1M Bail for Park Assailant

Photo: Edgar Rodriguez Ruelas Ventura County – On the afternoon of Thursday, March 6th, a teenage female was enjoying a walk in broad daylight along an urban hiking trail in

Santa Cruz

Bystanders Help Halt Attempted Sexual Assault

Photo: Daisuke Muro SANTA CRUZ – As a woman walked near Water Street and Knight Streets on Wednesday evening 40-year-old Daisuke Muro grabbed her, pulled her to the ground and

San Luis Obispo

Attempted Sexual Assault Thwarted

Daniel Guerrero SAN LUIS OBISPO — Around 2:30 AM on Monday, two witnesses saw a woman jump out of a moving vehicle and begin yelling at them that she had

Santa Barbara

Sexual Assault Upon Tourist

Santa Barbara – The Santa Barbara Visitor’s Board, tasked with attracting tourism to The Mission City, will, in all likelihood, not soon be nominating Felipe Martinez Gallegos to their Director of