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Santa Barbara

Man & Boy Busted with Gun & Booze

Photo: Carlos Morales Diaz’s pistol Santa Barbara County – The fact that one’s legal majority is attained on one’s 18th birthday, at which time an individual becomes by definition an


Underage alcohol snafu results in two arrests

FOLSOM — There’s a program known as the Decoy Alcohol Purchase Operation. It and others like it are established for the express purpose of popping various business establishments for knowingly

Contra Costa

Expired Tag Leads to Arrest of Safeway Shoplifters

Two suspects who allegedly shoplifted over $700 worth of groceries from a San Ramon Safeway undetected were pulled over for expired plates a few hours later on Nov. 27, police


Vacaville Transient Booked for Assaulting man with Skateboard

VACAVILLE – Michael Lee Shipley, 36, was booked into Solano County Jail early Monday afternoon on one felony assault charge and ten misdemeanor charges. Monday morning police were called to

Santa Barbara

Shoulder Tap Operation Results in Several Arrests

SANTA MARIA – Purchasing alcohol for minors never pays and several individuals recently learned that sobering lesson the hard way. Santa Maria Police Department officers partnered with agents from the