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Suspects in Lake Blvd Shootings are Booked

REDDING – On March 29, 2013 at 8:17 p.m. a male contacted the Redding Police Department and claimed he had been shot at five times while strolling in the 1300


Residential Burglar Busted

Seen dumping items into trash can. If you plan a burglary, make sure it does not include dumping the stolen items in a trash receptacle, and even if it does,


Redding Parolee Arrested for 11th Time

Some lawbreakers never seem to stop. A 30-year-old resident of Redding, Jeremiah Jerry Murphy, seems to be setting his own record of arrests as he was detained for 11th time


Gang Member Assaults Ex-Girlfriend after Two Weeks of Stalking

Although March 8 is considered  International Women’s Day, Jeremiah Allen Jones of Redding had his own unlawful way of celebrating it. According to the Redding Police Department, they responded to


Attempted Kidnapping in Redding, Two Arrested

What began as an ordinary Wednesday morning in Redding for a young woman of Redding  walking her child to the bus stop soon turned dangerous. After seeing her daughter board

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Woman Uses Facebook to Find Her Stolen Vehicle

A victim of a vehicle theft in Shasta County personally aided police in the investigation. After reporting her stolen vehicle to the Redding Police Department, Chelsea Wart led her own


Redding Woman in Custody for Threatening Her Infant Son

A Redding woman is in custody for threatening to kill her three-year-old child. According to the sheriff’s reports, the deputies of Shasta Conty Sheriff’s Office were dispatched to a home


Woman Arrested for Passing Fake Checks

Jamie Danielle Garland, 31, of Anderson might have thought she found a shortcut to profitable living as she used forged checks and another’s woman’s identity to buy merchandise. She was


Parolee Shops for Escape, Comes Up Empty

While many shoppers were busy with their last-minute Christmas purchases at the Mt Shasta Mall, at least one “customer” was looking for an escape.  It began on Sunday morning when


Elderly Woman Robbed at Home by Police Impersonator

REDDING – Early Sunday morning police were called to a home on the 600 block of Overhill Drive concerning a reported burglary.  82-year-old Elizabeth Leach told the police that she