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Los Angeles

Juvenile Girl Stabs and Runs

Photo: scene after the stabbing  SANTA MONICA – A radio call to an incident with a knife at Fifth and Broadway sent Santa Monica Police Department (SMPD) Officers to an

Los Angeles

Elderly Residents Trapped on 16 Floors, No Elevators – City Attorney Files Charges

CHINATOWN – City Attorney Mike Feuer’s Office has filed 16 misdemeanor charges against CCOA and Gong Toy (also known as Donald Toy) who is listed on State registration documents as


Armed Gunmen Enter a Business, Only One Robber is Found

UNINCORPORATED HEMET COUNTY – An armed robbery with a firearm that took place on October 20th at 4:04 PM sent Hemet Sheriff’s Station Deputies to a business located on the

Los Angeles

FBI Announces U.S. Representative Jeff Fortenberry’s Grand-Jury Charges for Illegal Campaign Scheme

  LOS ANGELES – When federal investigators probed into campaign contributions made by Gilbert Chagoury, a foreign national prohibited by federal law from ever contributing to any U.S. elections –


Fleeing and Flinging Fentanyl Morphs into an 85 Mile-Per-Hour Pursuit

  BLYTHE – When a mid-day traffic-enforcement stop initiated by Colorado River Station Special Enforcement Team (SET) on 10/21/2021 at 1:56 PM – the vehicle refused to yield. As the

Los Angeles

Stolen Vehicle ID’d by Flock LPR – 3 Arrested for Multi-Opportunistic Crime

Photo: inside of the car WEST COVINA – A Saturday-night call-to-action sent West Covina Police Department Officers to respond to a Flock LPR (License Plate Reader) stolen-vehicle hit. Canvassing the

Los Angeles

Downtown Street-Robbery Thwarted by Good Samaritans – 2 Juveniles Arrested

GLENDORA – A recent social-media posting has Azusa Police Department investigating a similar incident that could be related to this crime in neighboring downtown Glendora. A sunny afternoon turned dark

San Diego

Toddler Shot with an Illegal Gun in the Bedroom – Wayward Adults Arrested

RAMONA – A 2-year-old girl was shot by an illegally-possessed and loaded gun in the family bedroom. Three adults witnessed this, and a whirlwind of actions taken after the 10:00

Los Angeles

Traffic Stop – Violent-Crime Gang Member’s Loaded Stolen Gun Revealed under Open-Container Alcohol

Photo: confiscated from Jason Nogueda POMONA – As Major Crimes Task Force (MCTF) Officers were patrolling the area of Mission Blvd. and Hamilton Blvd. at 9:07 PM on 10/04/2021, they


K-9 Thwarts Smuggling Attempt – Alerts to Liquid-Meth Drip Under Truck

Photo: Border Patrol K-9  SALTON CITY – The wonders of Science and how substances behave was at the fore when the USBP K-9 team stepped in to alert of an