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City Employee Arrested for Allegedly Threatening to Shoot Coworkers

Photo: Stock Image A city employee with prior felony convictions faces new weapons-related charges for allegedly threatening to shoot coworkers. The suspect 56-year-old Pat L. Urdahl was arrested February 5


BART Police Arrest 2 Armed Men in Separate Incidents at Fruitvale Station

Photo: Image of firearm collected during arrest | BART PD OAKLAND —BART police arrested two men and confiscated loaded firearms at Fruitvale Station on February 3. Both men remain in


Gang Graffiti Arrests

Photo: Stock Image Definitions of public art may vary with widespread acceptance of creative expressions that many would consider “low brow”, but the laws passed by the California legislature take


$500K Bail for Firearms & Drugs Busts

Photo: Stock Image If there are any doubts about the proliferation of firearms in the hands of the wrong folks, the evidence leading to the arrests of 43-year-old Oxnard resident


Escaped Prisoner Caught and Re-arrested

Photo: Stock Image In a case that may be attributed to the nation’s current low unemployment rate—good help being hard to find—on the evening of January 25, 2024 30-year-old Oxnard

Santa Barbara

Youth Tennis Coach Charged with Sex Crime

Photo: Stock Image A community populated by a sizeable contingent of high-caliber tennis aficionados, Santa Barbara tennis courts were the scene of the headline-grabbing arrest of 50-year- old Peter Albor


Suspect Arrested After Fleeing from a Resident’s Bedroom

Photo: Stock Image SAUSALITO — An intruder fled after a resident found him standing in her bedroom trying on clothing. He was subsequently arrested while in possession of property not

Santa Barbara

No-bail Hold for Sexual Assault Arrest

Photo: Stock Image The proliferation of social media platforms and their widespread use by school-age females apparently makes life a lot easier for those men who—artful in the ways of

Santa Barbara

$20K Bail for Illegal Pot Sales

Photo: Image of drug evidence In spite of the ever-widening legal acceptance of marijuana use and sales nationwide—no doubt aided and abetted by the pop-culture phenomenon of the “Potluck Dinner


Man Getting in Trouble for 50 Years Is Arrested for Sexual Assaults at Blue Moon Spa

Photo: Stock Image OAKLAND — Manual H. Primas, a 68-year-old resident of Oakland, has been getting in trouble with the law for 50 years. Primas has been convicted several times.