Counterfeit Money Scam Alert

Counterfeit Money Scam Alert
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“Public service Announcement – Counterfeit Money

We would like to remind area businesses of the importance of checking all currency that is presented to them. The Ione City Police Department has taken a report on counterfeit currency that has been passed at local businesses.

The counterfeit bills being passed were $20 and $5 denominations. The counterfeit bills can be easily identifiable depending on the quality of the counterfeit. Some counterfeit bills have passed the commonly used “marker” test. Oftentimes the counterfeit bills being passed are done so at busy times of the day where an employee may be especially distracted. A common “red flag” to look out for is the actual “feel” of the bill. This alone often alerts employees to a counterfeit.

Please take a moment to view the attached images with information regarding the security measures put in place by the U.S. Secret Service on all U.S. Currency.

We would ask all area businesses, as well as the public in general, to be vigilante in checking any U.S. Currency that is presented to you. If there are any suspicious or concerns, please contact the Ione City Police Department at 209-274-2456, Sheriff’s Dispatch at 209-223-6513, or your local law enforcement agency.

The following website also has additional tools, classes, and slides to assist in recognizing counterfeit bills.

Originally Published By: City of Ione PD

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