Incident of RV Trailer Theft in Canyon Crest Neighborhood Leads to Arrest

Incident of RV Trailer Theft in Canyon Crest Neighborhood Leads to Arrest
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In the early hours of the morning at approximately 4:50 a.m., a theft incident unfolded in the Canyon Crest neighborhood as 52-year-old Mark Vaughn was apprehended stealing an RV trailer from a residential driveway. The incident occurred during the typical hours when most individuals are either asleep or preparing for the day ahead.

Mr. Vaughn, a recurrent offender with a history of criminal activities, carried out the theft, seemingly akin to his prior criminal endeavors. However, unbeknownst to him, an observant neighbor was preparing to leave for work and spotted the suspect making off with the stolen trailer. The vigilant neighbor decided to trail the suspect until law enforcement officers arrived at the scene.

Officers quickly located the stolen trailer as it traveled down Chicago Avenue toward Central Avenue. The suspect initiated a pursuit, leading law enforcement through a nearby gated community and ultimately onto Le Conte Drive, culminating in a dead-end street. At this point, the suspect abandoned the vehicle and attempted to flee.

Despite being a 52-year-old individual reliant on a trachea tube, the suspect displayed agility by scaling fences—a skill honed through previous criminal experiences. However, law enforcement officers effectively pursued the suspect, eventually apprehending him as he sought refuge in a backyard.

Before fleeing the scene, the suspect neglected to secure his vehicle, resulting in a minor collision with the first police vehicle. Fortunately, the damage was minimal.

Mark Vaughn was subsequently arrested and booked into custody on charges including grand theft auto, felony evasion of police, and violation of probation. It should be noted that the suspect was already on probation, with several pending cases related to grand theft auto.

The successful resolution of this incident owes much to the watchful witness who trailed the suspect until law enforcement intervention. For those interested in becoming a part of a dedicated law enforcement team, we are currently accepting applications.

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