Four Busted for Drug Sales

Four Busted for Drug Sales
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During the month of July 2023, detectives attached to the Ventura County Fentanyl and Overdose Crimes Units began acting on reports of illicit drug sales being conducted by 29-year- old Ventura resident Kevin Reynolds.

According to Ventura County Sheriff’s Department spokesman Sgt. John Hajducko, law enforcement intelligence indicated that Reynolds was “selling fentanyl out of his residence,” which prompted surveillance teams to go to work. It didn’t take detectives long to “observe multiple drug transactions” conducted by Reynolds throughout the Ventura area.

With that evidence at hand, a search warrant was obtained for both Reynolds and his domicile, grounded in the documented drug transactions.

On the afternoon of August 10, 2023, Reynolds was intercepted while in the midst of a narcotics transaction. The immediately ensuing search of his person revealed his possession of fentanyl powder, methamphetamine, and Xanax. Accompanying Reynolds was 41-year-old Ventura resident Jordan Katz, who was also in possession of methamphetamine.

The execution of the search warrant at Reynolds’ residence led to contact with 38-year-old Ventura resident Katherine Able and 22-year-old Natasha Ananian, both of whom were found “hiding in various rooms of the house.” Both women were taken into custody on multiple drug- related charges and preexisting warrants.

Reynolds was transported to the Ventura County Jail where he was charged with Possession for Sales of a Controlled Substance and Possession for Sales of a Dangerous Drug. Able was jailed on her active felony warrant and remains in custody. Ananian received a citation for Possession of a Controlled Substance, while Katz was cited for Possession of a Dangerous Drug.

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