Date Rape Drugs Seized at Nail Salon, One Suspect Arrested

Date Rape Drugs Seized at Nail Salon, One Suspect Arrested
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FAIRFAX — A multi-agency undertaking took down a suspected drug operation earlier this month at a nail salon. Approximately 3.5 kilos of GBL/GBH (date rape drug) were recovered and one suspect was arrested.

Marin County Sheriff’s Office special investigations detectives arrested Long Kim Tran, 40, of San Francisco. Tran was placed under arrest on August 15 when he accepted delivery of a package filled with illicit drugs. It was addressed to the nail salon.

First, the suspicious package was confiscated by U.S. Customs and turned over to the federal Homeland Security Investigations Division. Next, the U.S. Postal Service ultimately delivered it to the nail salon, where detectives apprehended Tran. He was arrested immediately after he took possession of the drugs.

For investigatory follow up, a search warrant was sought and executed at Tran’s home. Inside his San Francisco residence, authorities recovered even more of the date rape drugs. Altogether, more than 3,500 doses of the drugs were seized from him.

A statement released by the Marin County Sheriff’s Office said. “The street value estimate of the drugs is about $20,000.”

Tran was booked at the Marin County Jail on three charges –

  • Possession of narcotic controlled substance PC 11350(a)
  • Transportation/sale of narcotic controlled substance PC 11352(a)
  • Possession of controlled substance for sale PC 11351(a)
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