Hit-and-Run Suspect Sought After Collision in Napa

Hit-and-Run Suspect Sought After Collision in Napa
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Napa authorities are seeking the public’s assistance in identifying a hit-and-run driver responsible for a serious traffic collision that occurred last Saturday (July 8th). The incident took place at the busy intersection of Main Street and First Street, leaving victims injured and the suspect’s black sedan with extensive damage.

According to reports, the incident occurred during peak traffic hours when the intersection was bustling with pedestrians and vehicles. Witnesses recounted that a black sedan struck another vehicle at the intersection and then fled the scene without rendering aid or providing necessary information to the affected parties.

The impact of the collision was severe enough to trigger the deployment of the driver-side airbags in the black sedan, indicating the likelihood of significant damage to the front of the vehicle. Authorities are urging the public to be on the lookout for a black sedan with conspicuous driver-side damage, which might include broken headlights or a crumpled front section.

In the wake of the incident, the Napa Police Department (NPD) has been actively analyzing surveillance footage from nearby businesses and traffic cameras to identify the fleeing vehicle. Additionally, the NPD has been following up on leads provided by witnesses at the scene. However, as of now, the suspect remains at large, and the investigation is ongoing.

If you have any information about the suspect or the black sedan involved in the hit-and-run collision, the NPD urges you to contact Officer B. Browne via email at bbrowne@cityofnapa.org or by phone at (707) 257-9223. Anonymous tips are also welcome, and you can reference Case # NPD23-3205 when providing information.

Below is a surveillance video provided by Napa PD:

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