K9 Dexter assists in Large Fentanyl Arrest

K9 Dexter assists in Large Fentanyl Arrest
Photo: K9 Dexter and Officer Jones | FolsomPD
Originally Published By: Folsom PD

Drug evidence collected during arrest | Folsom PD

“As part of their assignment, K9 Dexter and his Handler, Officer Jones, often work in partnership with outside agencies. In November of last year, the pair were working with The United States Postal Service when K9 Dexter alerted to the odor of narcotics during a parcel sniff. That parcel contained a large quantity of pressed Fentanyl pills that launched a large scale investigation. Within a matter of weeks, K9 Dexter again alerted to a parcel containing more of the same pills.

On 06/01/2023, as a part of the investigation, The Folsom Police Department SWAT team and Detectives served one of multiple search warrants, where hundreds of thousands of more pills were located. A link to the press release from the U.S. Attorney’s Office is attached below.”

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