Valuable snake stolen from Elk Grove store

ELK GROVE – February 15

A man and woman visiting the Serpentarium, a privately owned museum and reptile pet store, pocketed a Bumblebee Ball Python snake on Tuesday, February 14th.

Bumblebee Ball Python

Women in video

The Valentine’s day theft happened at around 11 am, based on the surveillance video from the store. According to Robert Coral, owner of Serpentarium, the couple “scoped out the place and the woman pointed to the Bumblebee Ball Python and the guy tested the lock, and then somehow opened it and took the snake out and put it in his jacket pocket.”  The absent snake was not noticed until closing time around 6 p.m.

The culprits may have known exactly what they were looking for. This “designer snake”, the result of selective breeding, is valued at $500 for its rarity and stunning yellow color and patterns. To get a Bumblebee, reptile breeders cross a “spider ball python” with a “pastel jungle python.” The first Bumblebee was bred in 2001.

Snake Theft Video Image

The Serpentarium is offering a $100 reward or $150 gift certificate to the Serpentarium for any information leading to the arrest of either suspect involved. Anyone with info may call the Elk Grove store at 916-686-1447 or the Elk Grove Police.

To view surveillance video, see CBS Sacramento: Designer Snake Stolen From Elk Grove Store

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