Man Faces Charges after a Shooting at his Grandparents’ Home

Man Faces Charges after a Shooting at his Grandparents’ Home
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BERKELEY — A man with a violent history was arrested again after gunfire erupted at his grandparents’ West Berkeley home. Joseph J. Brewer, 30, was arrested March 26 and subsequently charged for multiple felonies.

His grandmother phoned police shortly after 3 p.m. She reported that her husband had been shot. Police responded to 949 Channing Way, where they found a 71-year-old victim who suffered a near miss.

Investigators determined an argument between the two men turned violent. Brewer allegedly shoved his grandfather down the stairs leading up to the front door. The grandfather was pushed down the stairs twice.

Seemingly undeterred, the grandfather was able to gain entry to his home. Once inside, he retrieved a firearm. The violence escalated further near the front door, as the two men struggled over the weapon.

The gun went off and a bullet grazed the grandfather’s thigh. Though it pierced the grandfather’s pants, he was not seriously injured.

At this point, Brewer allegedly grabbed the firearm and stuffed it inside his pants. Next, he allegedly threatened to kill both his grandparents before he fled from their home.

Responding officers found Brewer nearby with a gun tucked inside his pant’s pocket. He was taken into custody without further incident. Brewer was booked into Santa Rita Jail.

Brewer is charged with committing multiple felonies. His charges filed March 28 include assault, elder abuse, and making criminal threats. Incidentally, Brewer has prior convictions for domestic violence in 2020 and second-degree robbery in 2014.

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