Attempted Murder Suspect Taken into Custody After Eleven-Hour Standoff in Live Oak

Attempted Murder Suspect Taken into Custody After Eleven-Hour Standoff in Live Oak

A Sutter County man was recently taken into police custody after an eleven-hour standoff in Live Oak, which prompted the lockdown of two nearby schools.

According to a press release by the Sutter County Sheriff’s Office, the ordeal began around 3 AM late last week when a man approached another man in his car and allegedly shot at him. The shots missed. Sheriff’s deputies were then called to the scene and learned the suspect had fled into one of the nearby apartments at the Maple Park apartment complex.

Deputies later identified the suspect as 39-year-old Cuitlahuac Padilla, and confirmed via video surveillance that he was hiding alone inside apartment D, the Sheriff’s Office said.

Due to Padilla being armed, as well as being a parolee at large wanted on suspicion of attempted murder, law enforcement evacuated the apartment complex. Two nearby schools — Live Oak Middle School and Live Oak High School — were also notified of the situation, and the schools went into lockdown after students arrived for the day as a precautionary measure.

Special Enforcement Detail and Hostage Negotiation Team personnel responded to the scene and spent hours attempting various non-lethal options to bring the situation to an end, including simple negotiation, flash bangs, tear gas, and having a family member try to speak with Padilla, the Sheriff’s Office said.

After nearly eleven hours, law enforcement ultimately made the decision to enter the apartment and take Padilla into custody. He was reportedly arrested without any injuries, either to Padilla or any law enforcement personnel.

The Live Oak Fire Department also responded to the scene and extinguished a fire that had been started inside the apartment during the standoff.

Padilla was booked at the Sutter County jail on a variety of charges, including attempted homicide and being a felon in possession of a firearm. He was deemed ineligible for bail, and his court date is scheduled for the afternoon of Tuesday, March 21.

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