Burglar nabbed 22 days after the crime

Burglar nabbed 22 days after the crime
“On 7/4/21, the Sutter County Sheriff’s Office received a report of a Burglary in the 1800 block of South Meridian Road, Meridian, CA.
The reporting person told deputies that some unknown person had stolen a number of high-priced items to include two boats, a trailer and an ATV. Once Sutter County Detectives received the case, leads were developed which led investigators to a potential suspect from the Olivehurst area of Yuba County.
On 07/26/21, Sutter County Detectives served a search warrant in the 2700 block of Mage Avenue, Olivehurst. The search warrants were a result of an ongoing investigation involving a burglary, which took place in Meridian.
The Search warrants were executed with the assistance of the Yuba County Sheriff’s Office, Yuba/Sutter CHP and the Yuba/Sutter NET5. During the execution of the search warrants approximately 5 stolen vehicles were recovered at one the residences. In addition, several pieces of stolen property related to the ongoing investigation were also located at the other residence.
Yuba County resident Wyatt, Leon Clarence (D.O.B 10/17/1976), was contacted the warrant location and was subsequently arrested and booked into the Sutter County jail for the following violations: 459 (Burglary), 594(b)(1) (Vandalism), 496(a) (possession of stolen property) and 3056 (violation of parole) of the California Penal Code.”
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