“Dances with Wolves” Actor arrested as Alleged Pedophile Cult Leader

“Dances with Wolves” Actor arrested as Alleged Pedophile Cult Leader
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“An actor who appeared in the Oscar-winning film, “Dances With Wolves,” was arrested in Nevada for sexually assaulting underage girls and other serious felonies, ending a two-decade crime spree.

Nathan Chasing Horse was rounded up Tuesday by a SWAT team near his home in Las Vegas, where he lives with his 5 wives. He reportedly planned for his wives to take “suicide pills” and prepare for a shootout with police. He was booked in the Clark County Jail for child abuse or neglect, sex assault, sex assault against a child and sex trafficking of an adult.

According to the 50-page search warrant, Chasing Horse targeted young Native American girls and used his good reputation among tribes in the U.S. and Canada to lure them into his secret web. Known as a “medicine man,” Chasing Horse performed healing rituals and held spiritual get-togethers … but it was allegedly all to exploit his victims as the leader of a cult named, “The Circle.”

Las Vegas cops say they’ve identified six alleged victims, some of whom were under 13. Chasing Horse allegedly recorded his sexual assaults and arranged sexual encounters between his victims and other men who would pay him.

The police investigation began with a tip in Oct. 2020.

Sex crime allegations against Chasing Horse stretch back to the early 2000s and not just in Nevada, but also in Montana and South Dakota. Chasing Horse has not been charged with crimes in those other states.

In “Dances With Wolves,” Chasing Horse played the role of Smiles a Lot, a young Sioux tribe member, alongside Kevin Costner. He also landed parts in three TNT telefilms.”

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