Pair arrested in connection to alleged armed robbery in Fairfield

Pair arrested in connection to alleged armed robbery in Fairfield
Photo: Confiscated from the suspects

FAIRFIELD — On Saturday night, August 13, a clerk at a food and liquor store called to report that two men had just robbed the store at gunpoint. Their getaway car was a Honda Accord.

Officers arrived and began looking for any available evidence, as well as collecting statements from witnesses. At the same time, dispatch was checking city cameras for a possible vehicle match.

Both robbers carried firearms – one a handgun and the other a “long gun or rifle.”

Although the employees at the store were shaken up, no one was physically injured in the incident.

Dispatch was able to soon locate the suspect’s vehicle, as well as its license plate. In a matter of a few hours, the vehicle was observed in Fairfield.

Officers with the Fairfield PD search and found the vehicle and quickly detained its occupants.

Vacaville PD officers then came, identified the two suspects and “recovered the stolen cash.” They also confiscated a handgun and a short-barreled rifle, as well as drugs that were packed for sale.

35-year-old Philip Darka III and 25-year-old Matties Williams were arrested and booked “on various charges related to armed robbery, weapons violations and narcotics sales.”

The Vacaville Police Department concluded, “Officers and Detectives aren’t the only ones who fight and solve crimes, some our dispatchers are also quite adept at investigating crimes and also play a huge role in keeping everyone safe, as evidenced here. Thanks to our dispatch team, and amazing teamwork from Fairfield PD, we were able to get some local business owners their money back, and hopefully provide a small bit of relief, knowing these two robbers were quickly taken off our streets.”

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