$250K Bail for South American Thieves

$250K Bail for South American Thieves

May 29, 2022 – Ventura County, Ca.
Judging by recent criminal activity targeting shoppers and residents throughout Ventura County, patrons of major retailers in the area’s commercial centers would be well advised to be careful with their wallets and purses.

According to Ventura County Sheriff’s Department spokesman Sr. Deputy LaSecia, shoppers at the Newbury Park Target store have been actively victimized by “a South American Theft Group” skilled in sneak-thievery techniques involving serial theft of shoppers’ credit cards, cash, and identification documents.

It was at approximately 1:45 p.m. on May 26 th when deputies attached to the Thousand Oaks Special Enforcement Unit (SEU) arrived at the Target store following up on an earlier report of a theft from a patron. While there, detectives were approached by another customer who “reported her wallet had just been stolen from her purse.” Responding quickly, detectives accessed store security video records and observed three individuals involved in that theft.

Additional video from the exterior of the store showed a vehicle associated with the three subjects.

Deputies then relayed the identity of the vehicle to another Special Enforcement Unit who soon found the car in the parking lot at another Target store in the Westlake Village area. While this was going on, the victim whose wallet had been stolen began receiving smartphone alerts that her credit cards were being fraudulently used. The SEU team at the Westlake location then observed the same three suspects approach the suspect vehicle, whereupon contact was made
with them.

Evidence found on the three suspects—46-year-old transient Lorena Andreasoto Espinoza, 29- year-old Pacoima resident Esmeralda Margita Lozano, 31-year-old transient Javier Andres Zenteno Valdebenito—led to their arrest at the scene. All three suspects are Chilean nationals “identified as part of the South American Theft Group” and were transported to Ventura County Jail. Each was booked on charges of conspiracy, petty theft, and identity theft and are currently held in custody with their bail set at $250,000 each.

Photo: Courtesy Target.com

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