Uninhabitable drug house emptied out of trash, debris, animals, occupants

Uninhabitable drug house emptied out of trash, debris, animals, occupants
Photo: group of arrestees
Originally  published as a Redding Police Department Facebook post – 

“On March 31st, 2022, at 12:51 P.M., officers from the Redding Police Department’s Special Services Unit, with the assistance of RPD Community Service Officers, responded to the 3700 block of Bechelli Lane to assist City of Redding Code Enforcement Officials with an investigation of a residence.

The Redding Police Department Neighborhood Police Unit had received numerous citizen complaints about ongoing vehicle and pedestrian traffic at the residence at all hours of the day and night as well as increased criminal activity within the surrounding area. Code Enforcement Officials conducted a parallel investigation and believed the residence to be uninhabitable.

Upon arrival, officers immediately observed an inordinate amount of trash, debris and abandoned vehicles within the city parcel. NPU officers contacted numerous occupants in and around the residence, some residing in various outbuildings and vehicles on the property. NPU determined that ownership of the residence was in dispute, and none of the occupants could provide a reasonable explanation for having any legal standing to the residence.

The RPD Traffic Unit, which was on scene to assist, investigated the numerous abandoned vehicles (all of which were in various states of disrepair and damage) surrounding the parcel, and ultimately towed them from the scene.

A search of the interior of the residence confirmed that the residence was, in fact, uninhabitable. The interior of the residence was in complete disarray, with no running water or electricity. Due to an inordinate number of animals residing within the structure, a portion of the main structure’s floor was covered in animal feces.

NPU officers located numerous items of narcotics paraphernalia strewn about the interior of the residence. Additionally, Animal Regulation Officers were summoned to the scene to take custody of an emaciated dog, covered in feces, that was kenneled on the property.

Numerous occupants were determined to have active felony and misdemeanor warrants for their arrest. A criminal case was submitted to the Shasta County DA’s Office for violation of 11366 Health and Safety Code- Maintaining a Drug House.”


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