West Sac PD announces arrest of two burglars

West Sac PD announces arrest of two burglars
Photo: recovered loot

Originally published as a West Sacramento Police Department Facebook post – 

“In the last few weeks, West Sacramento Police responded to three separate mid-day residential burglaries. With the outstanding help of neighbors surrounding the crime scenes, police investigators were able to piece together timelines and descriptions to determine the same pair of crooks were committing each burglary, stealing thousands of dollars in jewelry, cash, and electronics.

After obtaining a warrant, the Investigations Division searched two houses in Sacramento County, yielding numerous burglary tools and devices used to enter locked homes.

Investigators further seized designer purses along with thousands of dollars in cash. This is another great example of our West Sacramento community working together to keep our neighborhoods safe!

It is also a great reminder to be aware of your surroundings. If you receive unexpected visits from people who may be scouting out valuables or seeking opportunities to enter a home with malicious intent; you can always call the company for confirmation of services or, if needed, the West Sacramento Police Department.”



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