Driving at 3:00 AM with a loaded gun

Driving at 3:00 AM with a loaded gun
Photo: confiscated gun

Originally published as a City of Madera Police Department Facebook post – 

“While most of us were sleeping around 3 in the morning on January 31st, Officer Camp was patrolling the streets of Madera.

Officer Camp stopped a vehicle for a traffic violation. During his investigation, he located a loaded firearm hidden under the front driver seat of the vehicle.

41 year old, Adam Cloeters, was the driver and only person in the vehicle. He is not legally able to carry or possess a firearm.

He was arrested and booked at the Madera County Jail on several charges. There is no such thing as a, “routine” traffic stop or call.

This traffic stop is a great reminder of how dangerous an officers job can be. Fortunately it ended peacefully and safe for everyone involved.”



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