Petaluma man arrested for Burglary and Narcotics violations

Petaluma man arrested for Burglary and Narcotics violations

Originally published as a Petaluma Police Department Nixle post – 

“On 12/31/2021, Petaluma Police received a report of a man in Dick’s Sporting Goods stealing items. The man was reported to have taken 2 machetes, removed them from the wrapping, and placed them into a duffle bag. When confronted, the man told employees, “I’m about to steal from you.”

As Petaluma Police were responding, the man remained in the store taking additional items and placing them into the duffle bag.  The man remained in the store for about 5 minutes, until officers arrived on scene. This was unusual, as in most theft cases, people will steal items and flee prior to police responding. We were receiving regular updates and our Petaluma Dispatchers remained on the phone with the store to ensure we were getting pertinent information.

Based on his unusual behavior and apparent access to weapons, officers discussed a plan to safely apprehend the man which included the deployment of additional personnel, less than lethal options and a Crisis Negotiator.

As officers arrived at the front of the store, the man exited Dick’s. He was taken into custody without incident. The officers responding are familiar with Jones and they were able to safely take him into custody by giving commands and deescalating the situation.

Stolen items, including the two machetes were recovered from the duffle bag. During a search incident to arrest, officers located usable quantities of narcotics on Jones person.

Jones has had over 38 contacts with Law Enforcement agencies in the past few years, including several violent related crimes.  Jones was transported to Sonoma County Jail.”



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