Two drivers arrested in street race

Two drivers arrested in street race
Photo: scenes from the street race

Originally published as a Concord Police Department Facebook post – 

“This past Saturday, the Pittsburg Police Department notified the Concord Police Department of a large amount of street racing vehicles leaving their City and entering Concord. The Concord Police Department sent several patrol officers and our SET team to investigate.

A Concord Officer was able to stop two vehicles, who turned down a dead end street and arrested both drivers for reckless driving. Concord P.D. provided this information to allied agencies and throughout the County, several more arrests were made. Their vehicles were towed and will be held for 30 days at the owner’s expense, as permitted by the vehicle code.

Street racing events cause the City and our tax payers thousands in damages to our roadways, thus the Concord Police Department has a zero tolerance for illegal street racing and reckless driving.
The Department deploys Officers who have specific training in vehicle modification enforcement and all Concord Police Officers are trained in enforcing reckless driving violations in our community. The Department has a full time Traffic Investigator, whose assignment includes conducting follow up on these incidents, identifying involved vehicles and persons and writing warrants accordingly.

Make no mistake, if you come to Concord to engage in street racing activities, you will meet our officers. Even if enforcement action isn’t immediate, we have a team of officers working behind the scenes to follow up on these investigations, writing warrants and seizing vehicles appropriately.

We get it, cars are fun, but there are places in the Bay Area to engage in legal racing, such as at a race track. As always, stay safe! If you see illegal street racing activity, or reckless driving, please call our Dispatch at 925-671-3333 ~613/596.”


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