Vacaville PD arrests multiple people in connection to recent enforcement efforts

Vacaville PD arrests multiple people in connection to recent enforcement efforts

Vacaville PD has announced the arrests of multiple people in connection to recent enforcement efforts throughout the city.

On September 26, a man identified as Aaron Mahrer (29) was arrested after allegedly knocking on a woman’s car window and brandishing a gun. The woman sped away and notified police, who responded to the area and located Mahrer nearby. Officers found an unregistered Glock 19 with a high-capacity magazine on him. Mahrer was taken into custody on suspicion of exhibiting a firearm.

On September 30, officers arrested 39-year-old Michael Romero in connection to an alleged physical altercation at a family home. Responding officers were able to get the victim and her children out of the home safely, and confronted Romero when he came out of the garage. Officers then searched the garage and found a loaded 12-gauge shotgun, which Romero is legally prohibited from possessing. Romero was taken into custody on a variety of charges.

On October 3, 32-year-old Saiah Ernest of Suisun City was reportedly arrested after fleeing the scene of an alleged shooting at a high rate of speed. Officers pulled Ernest over and discovered he was on active CDC parole for assault with a deadly weapon, therefore he is legally not allowed to possess firearms. Officers searched the vehicle and found a loaded Kel-Tec semiautomatic firearm under the driver’s seat, which Ernest reportedly admitted was his. He was arrested and booked at the Solano County Jail.

On October 5, 45-year-old Ayman Elahi was pulled over for a traffic violation and found to have a warrant out for his arrest. Elahi reportedly resisted arrest but was safely removed from the vehicle and taken into custody. A loaded .380 caliber was also found in the vehicle, police said. Elahi was ultimately booked on suspicion of narcotics- and firearms-related violations, in addition to his outstanding warrant.

On October 6, an officer conducted a traffic stop, suspecting that the vehicle’s driver was intoxicated. The driver, 21-year-old Diamond Moore of Oakland, and passenger, 21-year-old Danta Reed, were both booked on a variety of charges after officers noticed the strong smell of marijuana coming from the vehicle, as well as a bong in plain sight. Officers also reportedly found an unregistered Ruger 57 with a 17-round magazine. Police say both individuals admitted possession of the gun.

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