Gang member arrested for shooting of a juvenile

Gang member arrested for shooting of a juvenile
Photo: Johnny Chahon

Originally published as a Fresno Police Department Facebook post  – 

On Monday September 13, 2021, detectives from the Multi-Agency Gang Enfoprcement Consortium (MAGEC) arrested 35-year-old West Fresno gang member Johnny Chohan in the area of Blackstone and Olive Avenues.

Detectives from the Street Violence Bureau Felony assault Unit responded to a shooting in the area of Cedar and Church Avenues earlie rthis year.

Detectives determines through their investigation that Chohan was responsible for the shooting of a 15-year-old male juvenile.

During the shooting the victim received a non-threatening gunshot wound to his shoulder. Felony Assault detectives authored a warrant for Chohan’s arrest.

They located him in the area earlier mentioned and called in MAGEC detectives to apprehend him.

After Chohan was arrested. a search warrant was executed for his residence an dhis vehicle. Additional evidence related to the shooting was located.

Chohan was booked at Fresno County Jail on charges related to the shooting.



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