3 Suspects arrested in Home Invasion

3 Suspects arrested in Home Invasion

On the evening of April 22, an armed robbery occurred in the 1700 block of Oak Avenue.

Responding officers discovered that the suspects entered a home forcefully and committed the robbery.

The male victim answered the door and the suspects pushed their way in, deploying a Taser on the victim.

The suspects then zip-tied the victim’s hands and looked for the female victim inside.

The female was hit in her head with a handgun. Then the trio took a large safe, a purse and watches.

The male victim was treated on scene and the female victim was taken to the hospital to close a forehead laceration.

Detectives discovered “several critical pieces of evidence” at the scene which led them to conduct surveillance on a suspect’s residence.

After several weeks, detectives obtained search warrants for all of the suspects.

On August 4th, 3 of the 4 suspects were arrested – 32-year-old Joshua Plamcartte, 19-year-old Edgar Adrian Romo and 30-year-old Edgar Flores Villesenor.

The seizure after the search warrant included an AR-15 rifle, a 9mm pistol, a Colt .45 semi0-automatic pistol, Glock gun parts, ammunition, body armor and cash linking them to the crime.

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