Gang member arrested for meth, gun, ammo

Gang member arrested for meth, gun, ammo
Photo: seized gun

Originally published as a City of Madera Police Department Facebook post – 

“MPD’s Special Investigations Unit (SIU) is a task force made up of law enforcement officers throughout the County of Madera.

SIU Officer Cobb, who is a Chowchilla PD officer, concluded his investigation into Rudy Garcia by serving a search warrant at his residence in Chowchilla.

The search warrant resulted in seizing .22 call ammunition, a stolen .22 cal handgun, 7 oz. of methamphetamine for sales and 8 oz. of marijuana for sales.

Rudy is a documented norteno gang member and a convicted felon, prohibited from possessing a firearm/ammunition.

Rudy was booked at Madera County Jail. Our continued mission is to focus on stopping crime, county-wide.”



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