Human Trafficking Detail Press Release

Human Trafficking Detail Press Release

Originally published as a Visalia Police Department Facebook post –  

“On July 22, 2021, Visalia Police detectives assigned to the Tulare County Human Trafficking Task Force conducted a multi-agency undercover anti-human sex trafficking operation.

Assisting agencies included the Visalia Police Department’s Special Enforcement Bureau, Tulare County District Attorney’s Office, California Department of Justice Human Trafficking and Sexual Predator Apprehension Team, Tulare County Area Regional Gun Violence Enforcement Team, and the Tulare County Sheriff’s Office.

This operation targeted those persons looking to solicit the purchase of sex and/or other sexually related illicit activities in exchange for money.

During this operation, 10 persons were arrested for purchasing prostitution. Some persons received additional charges including resisting arrest, possession of a concealed firearm, and possession of narcotics for sales.

Those persons arrested included the following:
1) Richard Lozano, 43, Charges: Solicitation of Prostitution
2) Andres Banuelos, 31, Charges: Solicitation of Prostitution, Possession of Controlled Substances
3) Efrain Rojas Martinez, 41, Charges: Solicitation of Prostitution
4) Jorge Cuevas-Zazueta, 38, Charges: Solicitation of Prostitution
5) Eddie Cardiel, 39, Charges: Solicitation of Prostitution
6) Alexis Hernandez, 21, Charges: Solicitation of Prostitution
7) Elijah Hignojoz, 25, Charges: Solicitation of Prostitution
8)Alan Rangel Orozco, 23, Charges: Solicitation of Prostitution
9) Charles Bright, 51, Charges: Solicitation of Prostitution, Possession of Controlled Substance
10) Keon Wiggins, 29, Charges: Solicitation of Prostitution, Resisting Arrest”



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