Man removes GPS monitor, visits High School campus

Man removes GPS monitor, visits High School campus
Photo: Nolan Simmons

Originally published as an El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office Facebook post – 

“On 6-30-21 a suspicious male subject, later identified as 41-year-old Nolan Simmons, came onto the Ponderosa High School campus without prior notice or permission from the school. At the time there were approximately 400 students on campus.

Students noticed Simmons and notified school staff of Simmons’ presence on campus. The EDSO School Resource Officer was dispatched to the call and ultimately located Simmons on Meder Road.

Investigation revealed Simmons had walked into the campus and sat in the vicinity of multiple students while they were eating their lunch. Further follow up revealed Simmons had a warrant for his arrest for cutting off his GPS monitor the day prior.

Simmons was arrested for 626.81 PC (Registered sex offender on school grounds without permission), and 3056 PC (parole hold), and booked into the El Dorado County Jail. We teach our youth and our citizens if they “see something, say something”.

Great job by those Ponderosa students for reporting this suspicious behavior, and for the school administration for immediately acting on the report. Thank you for working together to help us keep our community safe.”



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