Multiple victims suspected after sexual battery arrest

Multiple victims suspected after sexual battery arrest
Photo: David Roy Knowles, Sr.
Originally published as a Mt. Shasta Police Department Facebook post – 
On 05/16/2021 at approximately 1400 hours, the Mt Shasta Police Department received a report from a female victim stating she was sexually assaulted by the keeper/host of the Mount Inn Retreat & Spa on Birch Street in Mount Shasta City.
On 5/18/2021 at approximately 1300 hours, 73-year-old DAVID ROY KNOWLES, SR. was arrested and booked into Siskiyou County Jail for sexual battery and additional charges. In consultation with the District Attorney, it was determined that there was a strong likelihood of additional victims, and the case was returned to MSPD for further investigation necessitating KNOWLES’ release from custody. The Mt Shasta Police Department and the Siskiyou County District Attorney confirm that no charges have been dropped.
On 05/25/2021, Mt Shasta Police Department Officers executed a search warrant of KNOWLES and his MountInn Retreat and Spa. Officers seized a computer, business records, cell phone and other items of evidence. Furthermore, additional victims have come forward since an initial MSPD press release. The investigation remains open and ongoing.
We want to assure anyone that provides information, that your confidentially can and will be protected. We believe that there are still victims of KNOWLES who are unknown to law enforcement and may be hesitant or fearful to come forward. You are not alone, and we will stand with you and the other brave victims who have contacted us.
If you or anyone you know has stayed at the MountInn Retreat & Spa and are a victim, or possible victim, of sexual assault, please contact the Mt Shasta Police Department at 530-926-7540.
From the Siskiyou County District Attorney:
We appreciate the hard work being done by the Mt Shasta Police Department to investigate this case. We are also aware that some witnesses or victims may wish to remain anonymous. We implore you to reconsider. We strongly sympathize with all victims of sexual assault and the significant challenges victims may face. All victims of sexual assault need and deserve to be vindicated by having others who have had the same experience stand shoulder to shoulder with them to help them bear their burden. District Attorney Kirk Andrus stated, “if you are a victim or a witness to these or similar events, please contact the police department or my office and discuss the situation with us. You can do this with complete confidentiality, and nobody will force or compel you to testify in public.”
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