Unregistered sex offender eldues police until the next day

Unregistered sex offender eldues police until the next day
Photo: Allen Lee Wears in a 2019 photo

Originally published as a Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office press release – 

“On 04-05-2021 at about 8:30 PM, a Mendocino County Sheriff’s Deputy was on patrol in the area of Highway 162 near Biggar Lane in Covelo, California.

The Deputy observed a green Subaru Outback drive past his location.  The Deputy noticed the male driver, later identified as Allen Lee Wears, ducked as he drove past.  The Deputy noted several lighting equipment violations on the rear of the vehicle.

The Deputy initiated an traffic stop on the Subaru as it turned west onto Biggar Lane.  The Subaru did not yield, instead accelerating and continuing westbound on Biggar Lane.

A vehicle pursuit ensued and continued onto Refuse Road.  When the roadway transitioned to rough, unpaved surface, the Deputy lost visual contact with the Subaru due to dust.  A short time later the Deputy regained visual contact with the Subaru, finding it had come to a stop.  Other Deputies arrived to assist at this time.

Upon approaching the Subaru, it was discovered the vehicle had collided with a large rock and became high centered along the bank of the creek.  The Subaru was unoccupied and it was learned Wears had fled on foot, northbound along Mill Creek.

Sheriff’s Office K9 “Bo” was deployed a short time later to search for Wears.  K9 “Bo” searched the rugged terrain extensively, following a track to an area that was deemed unsafe to continue.

During the search, it was learned that Wears was a registered sex offender and was on active CDC Parole.  Wears was out of compliance with 290 PC registration requirements and had an outstanding warrant for his arrest for violating the conditions of his Parole.  The Subaru was later towed and the search was suspended.

On 04-06-2021 at about 10:30 AM, a Deputy contacted Wears at a residence on Logan Lane in Covelo.

Wears was arrested for his Parole violation warrant, 290(b) PC (Sex Offender Failure to Register), and 2800.2(a) VC (Reckless Driving while Evading a Peace Officer).

Wears was booked into the Mendocino County Jail where he was to be held on a no-bail status.”



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