Randy Maple took a gun….

Randy Maple took a gun….
Photo: Maple’s gun

Randy Maple was walking around a property in the 76000 block of Henderson Lane on the afternoon of March 9.

While this in and of itself may not be a big deal, Maple was “armed with a shotgun and discharged it numerous times.”

A Round Valley Tribal officer kept the MCSO up to date with Maple’s movements.

When deputies arrived, Maple turned and shot his shotgun into the air and then tried to reload. He was detained before being able to do so.

Maple was prohibited from possessing firearms and ammunition. The gun in question was a single shot shotgun with a pistol grip and an 18.5″ barrel.

Maple also appeared to be under the influence of some sort of controlled substance.

The investigation revealed that Maple had “entered the residence of an elderly couple (his parents) and took the gun and ammunition”  from them.

The suspect fired several shots in and outside of the residence.

“Maple was arrested for shooting into an inhabited dwelling (246 PC), Elder Abuse (368 PC), Possession of a firearm by a prohibited person (29800(A)(1) PC), Possession of ammunition by a prohibited person (30305 PC) and possessing a firearm while under the influence of a controlled substance (11550(E) HS).”

The suspect is nowq held on a bail of $100,000.


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