Surf Shop Burglar Bagged with Booty

Surf Shop Burglar Bagged with Booty
Photo: Michael Limon 

February 25, 2021 – Santa Barbara County, Ca.
The Surf Connection—a locally-owned surf and skateboard retail emporium serving the Lompoc community since the mid-1980s—known for a wide range of gear and trendy apparel, was the target of a violent break-in in the pre-dawn hours of February 25th .

According to Lompoc Police Department spokesman Sgt. Scott Morgan, the store’s burglar alarm sounded at approximately 2:00 a.m., bringing uniformed patrol officers to the scene.

Upon arrival, the cops observed that the store’s glass front door had been smashed in, leaving splintered glass as clear evidence of the perpetrator’s haste.

A review of the store’s surveillance video recordings helped police identify a suspect unknown to them…until they “spotted him running to a nearby hotel.” Following the suspect’s path, they identified a specific hotel room and quickly learned it had been rented for the night to 35-year- old Michael Limon, a resident of Lompoc. With their suspect identified, detectives on the scene then knocked on the hotel room door and made contact with Limon.

Faced with the evidence of his crime, and with “multiple pairs of jeans stolen from Surf Connection” in his possession, Limon confessed to detectives at the scene. He was then transported to Lompoc Police Department, booked on a charge of commercial burglary, and was then “released with a citation” pursuant to the statewide zero-bail policy for low-level offenders.

Photo: Courtesy Lompoc Jail Booking

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